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About Therapy

I enjoy working with the addictive system: adults of caregivers that used alcoholic/substance, suffered abandonment and abuse.

In the background of the addictive system, is typically abandonment.  Either physical or emotional, and or both.

I enjoy helping men and women find their authentic selves. 

Building a foundation within themselves is the first step to everything else. 

Knowing how we think, and why we respond in certain ways is the building blocks to better relationships.

Helping men and women with boundaries in their relationships, processing a painful childhood, abandonment, trauma, and understanding why they keep picking partners that disappoint.

I work well with all clients that are making a commitment to themselves through therapy and in their daily life. The fact that they are seeking help is a major step, impressive. 

Another Is Couples.  Helping couples find healthy ways to keep their love alive is very rewarding.



Before getting started, you might be thinking…

“Will I like working with him?”

“I have so much to talk about. Will I have enough time to get everything out? Maybe I’ll bring notes? What should I talk about first?”

“Maybe this is the new beginning I really need? I really want better relationships, feel secure within myself, set better boundaries I can Stick to.”

It’s natural to ask these questions – and even to have a healthy dose of anxiety about getting started.

But I’ll quickly make you feel at ease.

Clients have told me I’m down-to-earth, easy to talk to, and relatable. Sometimes, I dress very casually depending on the weather and how much sleep I got the night before!

I’ll normalize your concerns with respect, empathy, and understanding.

I will visualize your story. We’ll visit the pain, disappointment, and grief together in a supportive, therapeutic environment.

I will be with you this entire journey. You will not be alone!

Does this sound like you?

Saying you’re “sorry” over and over…

Are you really sorry? No! Working together, you will be able to respond with a level head (most of the time) rather than reacting with anger and later regretting it.

Avoiding conflict…

The other side of that coin: You say nothing to avoid conflict, and no one has a clue you were ever hurt or pissed off.

You can learn to set limits without guilt. Don’t let these situations rent space in your head for days (or longer)!

Obsessing over what you “could” or “should” have done differently…

Others are clueless you’re even doing this; they’re just living their life. They’re not participating in the imaginary arguments you’re having in your head.

Let’s bring you back to your authentic self, so you can navigate life with a clear compass on what’s right and wrong for YOU.



On the other side of therapy…

You’ll be able to have difficult conversations and set clear boundaries with your significant other… rather than staying quiet and building resentment.

You’ll want to see your friends in person instead of seeing their “best life” on Facebook or Instagram.

You’ll be present with family, enjoying quality time with them, rather than spending hours reading about them on social media.


It’s time to find a therapist and start a new chapter.

Unfortunately, most people never take a break to HEAL so they can get back to full living.

Sure, life isn’t all blue skies and sunshine. Everyone has losses, disappointments, and uncontrollable situations.

But few know how to harness their strength and remain true to themselves as they weather the storm.

Endless possibilities await! You got this!

Call today and schedule your free consultation: (310) 945-2809.

About Me

AdminI love learning about the human experience.

That’s why I got a master’s in clinical psychology focusing on marriage and family.

I have a BA In Child development. (Specializing in early childhood) and uphold all the legal and ethical standards of my profession.

This boring stuff does matter, but…

It’ll never take center stage over connection and deep understanding.

Just because I’m an expert in my field doesn’t mean I’m the expert of you or your life experience.

You will teach me much more than I learned in my grad school courses.

Outside the office…

I have two adult children.

I’ve played the drums since I was three. I still play for several hours each week.

I also love water skiing, race cars, fixing things, and my work.

I’m truly grateful to be alive!


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