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Family/Adolescent Therapy.
What happened to the child you once knew?
Your once adorable, loving, sweat, innocent child is now a teenager.
There are few moments in your interactions together that are peaceful.
When there are, you’re walking on eggshells.
You don’t deny the love for them in your heart.
Their moods, disrespect and entitlement, make you feel like giving up. 
You know, if not addressed soon, they will become a very difficult adult out in the real world.
The arguments from them to wake up on their own ruin both of your mornings.
The excuses given why they don’t clean up after themselves are legendary, yet you continue to pick up after them while they spend countless hours on their phones that you bought them.
Your think to yourself, “if I only taught them this when they were younger”.   
You try to hold the line, but they continue to push back.
Several times in the past you held firm to your position.
This is when their anger exploded. Your child yelled and made a major scene about to having clean up their mess after their friends were over.
The temper tantrums in public are worthy of going viral.
They go on and on how their friends’ parents don’t make them clean up, “they have a maid” for that “.
The Hidden curriculum of parenting.
Our job as parents is to make sure our children grow up to be respectful, responsible, empathic adults, that are considerate to others, and productive citizens in society.

You might wonder, “How do I get them there?” 

The answer is to seek a family therapist (LMFT) to help you and your child learn to connect and communicate.

As a therapist with personal and clinical experience working with adolescents, I can help your child deal with the challenges of being an adolescent. Part way between being a child and a young adult.

I will provide a space where your child can express their feelings and frustrations.

At the same time, I will work with you to learn ways to set limits, be direct, not give in, and have honest conversations.

Your child often has value in what they say, it’s the way they say it that’s concerning.

The first step in receiving help for you and your child to navigate adolescence is to call me and set an appointment.

Every child is different. Let’s all work together to develop goals for you and your child.

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