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You’re on the fence about leaving the relationship.

As a therapist who works with couples, I sometimes feel like a referee.

Couples seek therapy for many reasons – one is that they fight.

Some fight daily, and some fight over an affair.

Sometimes, a couple seeks counseling because the wife feels like her husband has lost interest.

Not only in the marriage, but around the house.

Money is a HUGE energy and spending too much causes friction in any relationship. 

After infidelities, the pain and thought of your loved one with someone else often rents space in your mind for a long time.

This issue might go away temporarily, but without professional help, the fight about this only gets worse.

Rejection is another problem.

Often, one feels like all the household chores are their responsibility, with the other person showing little or no consideration of added life responsibilities.

You might feel too tired for sex, making your partner feel rejected.

Your partner may not express this rejection maturely, leading to another fight.

Another situation that impacts a relationship is when your partner becomes less involved with you, starting with never having a date night anymore.

Those fights that once led to great make-up sex now seem to be less makeup and more fights.

Adding to more anger and resentment.

What started great doesn’t last.

Sometimes, a partner charms the other, is there for them emotionally, and shows their best self in the early stages of the relationship.

I think we all do to some extent.

Once the relationship turns long-term, they become complacent.

The answer to this is not so simple, but being a male therapist, I have some solid theories about why men and women do this.

Women, I will also teach you how a man thinks.



Regardless of the problem, couples therapy can help.

The examples above are only a few reasons couples seek therapy from a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

Raising children with two different value systems, raising a strong-willed child, communication, lack of trust, feeling like roommates, one doing all the heavy lifting, and the other not caring are just a few reasons couples seek therapy.

Regardless of your sexual orientation, having children, just getting married, or thinking of moving in together.

I can show you how to have healthy fights, find common ground, and restore the joy and happiness you two shared in the beginning.

When you have an issue, both of you will know what’s worth fighting for and when to let it go.

Most of the time, you’ll let it go after therapy and focus on the good your partner offers you.

And if you leave the relationship, you will do so with a clear understanding.

As a licensed therapist, I can assist you with most situations that bring you to therapy.

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