Don’t Give Up on Your Relationship

Get the Support You Need to Find Your Way Back to Each Other

Couples Therapy in Santa Monica and Online throughout California.

From the outside, you and your partner seem like a happy, loving couple.



But behind closed doors is a different story.

People don’t know about the lies, distrust, and constant fighting.

They don’t see the devastating loneliness, or the nights spent crying yourself to sleep.

You swore things would be different.

As a kid, you had a vision of the perfect partner. Currently, this relationship is far from what you envisioned.

Now, you’re filled with guilt thinking of leaving. You’ve decided, you’ll go to therapy with or without your partner.


Is there any way to break this cycle?

You feel like you’re failing yourself, your family, and your marriage.

Find a better way.

It’s time to get the help you need to create the relationship you both deserve.

Using strengths-based/CBT techniques to develop tools to communicate more effectively and resolve conflicts with ease.

We’ll draw on EFT, Gottman Therapy, and Psychodynamic Theory to understand the root causes of your behaviors and gain greater control over them.

Let’s explore your talents, strengths, and passions and create a solution-focused approach to building the relationship you’ve always wanted.

Live a life you’re proud of.

I will show you both how to communicate, resolve issues, fight with respect, and how to build on what you already have. 

Imagine trusting each other enough to share your feelings without fear of rejection.

It’s possible to respond to challenging situations with love instead of reacting with hostility.

You’re setting a good example for your children and breaking the intergenerational conflict cycle.

When you look at your partner, you feel confident that you can handle any obstacle together.

Take the next step now.

Don’t wait any longer settling for less than you deserve.

The relationship you’ve always wanted is achievable.

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