Individual Therapy

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You never know when the anxiety will consume you.

One moment, everything is fine, when out of nowhere, anxiety hits you like a ton of bricks.

Intrusive thoughts flood over you after an argument with your partner. You tell yourself over and over, your boss is making work unbearable.

The time between these episodes is getting shorter, and you wonder if there’s any way to break free of these patterns.

It’s affecting every aspect of your life.

Work is unfulfilling, and you wish you could quit, but you have so many responsibilities.

Everyone relies on you for their well-being, and you never have any time for yourself.

It’s difficult to remember the last time you had fun.

Your relationship is struggling.

Every day, you and your spouse drift further apart, and your resentment grows.

They come home late, and you know they’re lying about where they’ve been.

You want to confront them, but it’s easier to ignore the problems and pretend everything is fine.

Homelife is constant chaos.

Your kids are misbehaving and manipulating you and your spouse regularly.

As hard as you try not to lose your temper, you repeatedly blow up at them.

It’s as though there’s no relief from conflict, no matter where you are.

You’ve reached a crossroads.

In one direction is the path you’ve been on: changing nothing and hoping things will improve on their own. But you know that’s not working.

None of your attempts at fixing the problem-meditation, podcast, self-care, positive affirmations-are lasting.

The other option is finally getting the support you need to make lasting positive changes.

And this is where I come in to help you.

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